Route des Princes – Spindrift bows out

Last Wednesday Spindrift arrived victorious into Dun Laoghaire after a fiercely competitive race against their Route des Princes rivals. With a stage win in the bag the whole team was preparing for the remainder of the competition with determination and motivation.  The skipper, Yann Guichard, and his crew started the inshore races, that are a normal part of the event, in this mindset.  The weather conditions in the race area, with wind gusts of 32 knots, is what flattened Spindrift.

A few hours after capsizing, apart from the human side of things, which was the teams priority, the whole Spindrift crew mobilised to secure the boat frame and seek shelter in the harbour.

Following a check of the frame the verdict came as a blow to the team: the race would be over for Spindrift.  Despite all efforts made by the technical team, the boat is not able to be on the start line this morning at 1100hrs for the third and penultimate offshore race to Plymouth. Stripped of its mast following the impact from the capsizing , it is impossible to get the rig in racing configuration within the time limit.

This is obviously a big disappointment for the team that saw its chance of winning the race disappear in a few seconds.  “It is primarily a relief to know that all the crew is safe and sound even if my brother was injured,” Guichard said.  “We are very disappointed to have to stop when doing so well. We were on form and on a path to a potential victory on this first edition of the Route des Princes. There was not that many points left to get

“We will all be itching to go when we see the other teams leave this morning for the offshore leg, but that is life…It is a mechanical sport and we know that this can happen. I really wish them good luck for the end of the race and of course we will follow it closely on the web. I would also like to recognise the true sense of solidarity demonstrated by all on the water. All competing teams rallied yesterday to assist us, be it in those minutes after the capsize or during the operations to secure the boat. So I would really like to say a big thank you to my team firstly, all the other teams and the organisation.”