Basile Prime

Born on january 7, 1991 in Concarneau (29)
Live in Lorient (56)

Basile is passionate about electronics and loves the operational side of his profession. His daily routine involves assembling and disassembling electronic devices on the ground and analysing and improving the various on-board systems. Basile studied in Brittany and landed an internship working as an electrician on an on-board video broadcasting system for Sodebo Voile. 

The young expert was not always interested in sailing, but the sheer power of the huge trimarans captured his imagination. At Sodebo, he implemented the broadcasting solution on other classes of multihull racing boats, as well as in other sports, including swimming, rugby and fencing. In August 2015, Basile joined Spindrift racing to apply his skills to the maxi-trimaran Spindrift 2.