Spindrift for Schools


Since the birth of Spindrift racing, Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard have sought to share their passion for sailing, the sea and offshore sailing with children. The Spindrift for Schools programme was conceived as soon as the team decided to attempt the Jules Verne Trophy and has grown as the team has moved from one project to another.

Spindrift racing has worked alongside scientists and teachers to develop rich, engaging content to stimulate children’s imaginations. Launched for primary school teachers, Spindrift for Schools already has 25 partner schools: 17 in France, 8 in Switzerland.

We would like to help inspire children to want to make their dreams come true and to believe that with willpower, persistance and mutual support, we can give ourselves the opportunity to go all the way to the end of the challenges we set ourselves.
Dona Bertarelli et Yann Guichard, co-founder of Spindrift racing.

adventure book

The material available includes an adventure book designed for teachers of 7-12 year-olds and developed by Spindrift racing and Cité de la Voile Éric Tabarly. This comprehensive, illustrated document uses the around-the-world tour as a platform to look at geography, history, science and the arts with the children.

Download the adventure book (French)

The material is supported by five chapters on the oceans, the climate and the water cycle. The lessons will soon be available for download from the Spindrift for Schools page on the team’s website.


Support the Crew

Send your encouragement, drawing, photos, songs and messages to Spindrift 2’s crew: spindrift.for.schools@spindrift-racing.com