Ewen Le Clech

Born on May 5, 1973 in Morlaix (29)
Live in Morlaix (29)

Ewen, originally from Morlaix in western Brittany the home of many talented sailors, has a CV that would make some blush! He has a developed a career in the sport becoming a well-known and respected sailor and technical expert. Initially a sailor of small Olympic boats, firstly a 420 and then the 470, he soon moved into big-boat offshore racing. First as a shore crew for the 60’ multihull Orma FONCIA, and then as a crew member on the Grand Prix circuit during the era of ORMA racing. He went on to join Franck Cammas’ team and quickly assumed the role of boat captain across all the boats in the team, while also being crew and claiming a number of Grand Prix victories. With this dual background role, Ewen joined Banque Populaire in 2006 and was part of the team in the large scale project that involved the design, construction and development of the legendary Banque Populaire V, the world’s biggest ocean racing trimaran, now Spindrift 2. Ewen has three world records - the 24h, the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean - to his name. Since 2011, he has worked on a number of Vendée Globe projects but it is his experience of the giant racing trimaran, as well as his technical and sport-related know-how that make him a key and trusted team member of Spindrift racing.


24h record, Banque Populaire V
North Atlantic record in 3d 15h, Banque Populaire V
Five-time winner of National Caravelle

Winner Multihull ORMA Championship

Vainqueur des Grand Prix de Marseille Vainqueur du Championnat ORMA des Multicoques

Winner Grand Prix Marseille
Winner Multihull ORMA Championship

Winner Grand Prix of Fécamp

Winner Grand Prix La Trinité-sur-Mer and Royan (FONCIA)

7th Transat AG2R Lorient-Saint Barthélémy