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April 11, 2016

The arrival of the M32 catamaran at the start of 2016 has strengthened the Spindrift racing fleet, which now has three "one-design" multihulls, along with the GC32 and the D35. A one-design is a class of sailboat where each model is constructed identically, respecting the same manufacturing plan: the hull, rigging and every detail of the boat are similar. Therefore, every race will include boats that are strictly identical, putting the emphasis on the skill, control and technique of the crews.

Whether flying on the GC32, enjoying Lake Geneva in the D35, or at the helm of the robust M32, the sailors of the Spindrift racing team will have to prove themselves again this year on various international circuits. The intense training led by Yann Guichard, a multihull specialist, means the teams are improving and familiarising themselves with each one-design boat, whose characteristics are generally adapted to a circuit, a body of water and specific weather conditions.

D35 Ladycat powered by Spindrift racing
Designed by the Swiss naval architect, Sébastien Schmidt, this catamaran is tailored for sailing on Lake Geneva. It can be efficient and responsive even in light winds. For the ninth consecutive year, it will be competing on the D35 Trophy, a circuit of regattas featuring these multihulls on Lake Geneva and composed of classic regattas including the Genève-Rolle-Genève, the legendary Bol d'Or Mirabaud, and six other Grand Prix events.

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GC32 Spindrift
This 32-foot catamaran needs 10 knots to be able to “fly” and thus be at its most efficient. The objective with this type of boat is to exploit its singular ability to lift up above the level of the water, allowing it to reach top speeds of 40 knots speed (74km/h). The GC32 is the one-design that has the greatest potential speed and the one that makes the greatest technical and physical demands, which means that crew coordination is essential. Ten teams will compete this year on the GC32 Racing Tour 2016; among them the Spindrift racing team led by Yann Guichard will take part for the second consecutive year.

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Robust and lightweight, the M32 is an easy-to-handle catamaran, which means its potential can be quickly realised in the races. This model was chosen by the organisers of the World Match Racing Tour 2016. This competition consists of a series of duels on short courses where multihull specialists compete against matchracing specialists.  For Yann Guichard, the only Frenchman that has been been invited to participate in the event, this is a new challenge with a new boat and one which they are very much looking forward to.
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