Game on in Pisa
  • M32
May 27, 2019

The opening competition event of the 2019 M32 European Series took place this weekend (24 - 26 May) in the waters off Pisa, Italy. It was the first time all eight crews participating in the circuit, including Spindrift racing, had faced each other. The black and gold team were led by Xavier Revil, replacing Yann Guichard at this event, and included Christophe Espagnon, François Morvan and Matthieu Salomon as crew. After three days of competition in erratic conditions, Spindrift racing finished in second place overall, behind GAC Pindar led by Ian Williams and ahead of Section 16 skippered by Richard Davies.

Friday, May 24th:
Six races were held on the opening day of racing, however the light airs showed no sign of settling into the anticipated thermal breeze. It was therefore a game of reading the gusts, and Spindrift racing finished second behind Ian Williams' GAC PIndar, with both boats opening a comfortable gap at the top of the leaderboard.

Samedi 25 mai:
Having learnt lessons from the first day, the fleet of eight M32s returned more aggressively for day two. Spindrift racing again had an excellent day, taking three wins and two seconds in the day’s five races. While some of the line honours were a result of good starts and keeping ahead with good control over the fleet, others reflected more the tenacity and ability of the team to get back to the front with good manoeuvres and teamwork. Spindrift racing won the second day, narrowing the gap in the overall standings to GAC Pindar.

Sunday, May 26th:
The final days' racing saw just two races, again run in a light breeze. Perhaps missing a little of the inspiration from the day before, the black and gold foursome finished fourth and third, behind Richards Davies' and Ian Williams’ teams.

In the European Series results to date, Spindrift racing is in second place overall behind Ian Williams and his crew on GAC Pindar, the overall winner of this Italian stage of the M32 European Series .

Xavier Revil: "The Cetilar M32 European Series is an ideal racing format for Spindrift racing. Fleet racing on short courses allows us to keep revising our strategies, work on our starts and manoeuvres, while the 15-minute races offer intense racing amongst a competitive fleet. The start procedure is very pressured and Ian Williams and his crew are top of their game here and have an advantage - for the moment. It is up to us to learn from this and put it into practice at the next events."