Heading towards Madeira!
  • Maxi Spindrift 2
November 4, 2014

As the morning progresses, the fleet is sailing off the coast of the Iberian Peninsula towards Madeira. Loick Peyron still leads the field aboard Banque Populaire VII, followed by the giant gold and black trimaran Spindrift 2. Early yesterday evening, Yann Guichard hoisted some more sail, and has climbed up the rankings ever since. This morning he was averaging 24.5 knots.

Leaving behind the rough and windy Bay of Biscay, Spindrift 2 picked up the pace, and has been sailing in a straight line since passing Cape Finisterre. Wind speeds are still unstable, varying between 25 and 40 knots, but last night was much calmer, with a the sea less agitated, allowing the exhausted skipper to regather his strength and focus on his race strategy.

By tonight, the giants of the ocean should have passed the archipelago of Madeira and be safely heading across the Atlantic towards their final destination: Guadeloupe.

Ranking of Ultimes at 9:00am UTC:

1. Loick Peyron / Banque Populaire VII
2. Yann Guichard / Spindrift 2, at 53,1 miles to the leader
3. Sébastien Josse / Edmond de Rotschild at 67,95 miles to the leader
4. Lionel Lemonchois / Prince de Bretagne at 105,97 miles to the leader
5. Yann Eliès / Paprec Recyclage at 112,03 miles to the leader
6. Sidney Gavignet / Musandam - Oman Sail at 112,05 miles to the leader
7. Francis Joyon / Idec Sport at 120,51 miles to the leader

The next update of rankings will follow at 11:00 noon UTC.