M32 World Championship starts in Lake Garda
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August 26, 2019
The international elite of the M32 class will be competing in the flagship event of the season on stunning Lake Garda later this week.
The Spindrift racing team will face the best teams in the class from both sides of the Atlantic, as they compete in the 2019 World Championships from the 27-30 August.  During this weekend’s Pre-World's teams were able to train and compete against each other.  The Pre-Worlds were won by Jennifer Wilson and her Convergence team from the US.  She beat, amongst others, the UK’s eight-time world champion Ian Williams, the winner of the 2019 European Tour.  The fleet races for the World Championship title will start tomorrow on what is the largest lake in the Italian Alps,  known for its strong and steady thermal winds.
However, the weather conditions for the event are predicted to be a little unstable, Spindrift racing helm Xavier Revil comments: “over the past few days we have had a stormy weather every afternoon, instead of the classic north wind conditions in the morning, which move to southerlies after midday.  At the moment it is flat calm in the afternoon, so I anticipate that, with storms expected, we take advantage of race with the morning."
The Spindrift racing team for the World Championships includes Xavier Revil (helm), François Morvan (tactician), Mathieu Salomon (bow), Bruno Mourniac (main) and Corentin Horeau (trimmer).
4-day Championship Programme:
You can follow the six races/day on our social networks InstagramFacebook and Twitter or on the event's live Twitter feed @m32Official