The pace eases off
  • Maxi Spindrift 2
November 5, 2014

After passing to the west of Madeira overnight, the Ultimes finally have some respite, with northerly winds easing off. Still in second position, Spindrift 2 is now approximately 100 nautical miles behind the leader Loïck Peyron.

It was another intense night for Yann Guichard who, as expected, hoisted the gennaker. A huge effort is required to move the gennaker alone on the deck, and hoisting the immense 440 m2 and 115 kg sail involves much energy and force.

With the manoeuvre complete, Yann was able to recover briefly, thanks to moderate trade winds offering some relief. But the lull will be short-lived, as a new transition phase looms over the horizon. The Ultimes will soon hit an area with low winds that is currently blocking the route towards the west.

Ranking of Ultimate Class at 10:00 UTC:

1. Loïck Peyron / Banque Populaire VII, 2381,2 nm to the finish
2. Yann Guichard / Spindrift 2, DTL 108,41 nm
3. Lionel Lemonchois / Prince de Bretagne, DTL 146,17 nm
4. Francis Joyon / Idec Sport, DTL 156,62 nm
5. Sébastien Josse / Edmond de Rothschild, DTL 156,81 nm
6. Sidney Gavignet / Musandam - Oman Sail, DTL 214,26 nm
7. Yann Eliès / Paprec Recyclage, DTL 238,74 nm

Next official ranking at 11:00 UTC.