• M32
October 7, 2018

Patience has been the main watchword at the third WMRT event, which took place in Lisbon this week.  The organisers have had to manage light and erratic winds, as well as the strong currents of the River Tagus, making it challenging to lay a good race course across more or less all five days of scheduled racing.

As a result the final two stages of the event were only able to be sailed as a best of two, with the final results based on a team’s position of the last leg of the course, as stated in the race rules.

Yann Guichard and the crew of Spindrift racing just missed a podium place, having been a force to be reckoned with in the opening fleet racing part of the regatta, much to the delight of the local spectators.

The event started well for the black and gold team. and they finished second in the qualifying phase of fleet races, and selected Sweden's Jonnie Berntsson as their opponent in the quarterfinals. The duel, delayed by 24 hours due to lack of wind, saw Spindrift racing win both their matches when the sailing restarted. 

The team then faced Niklas Dakhammar in the semifinals and, after losing both matches to this second Swedish team, Spindrift racing was up against Harry Price in the Petit Final.  With a win apiece and the wind dropping, the final result was based on the last and the Australian crew snatched the third podium place ahead of Spindrift racing.

The days were long for everyone at this event. The continual swapping between sailing and waiting on shore have made the racing complicated and has tested everyone’s concentration.  We are, of course, disappointed to finish fourth based on a rule rather than the outcome of a match race, but that’s the game! The sailing conditions left no option for the organisers other than to stop the racing when they did.