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September 6, 2017

It has been a busy summer at Spindrift racing with the sailing team completing a series of offshore training sessions with their maxi trimaran Spindrift 2, as well as competing in the Swedish and Russian events of the World Match Racing Tour. 
The technical shore team has also been hard at work preparing the black and gold trimaran for the next attempt at the Jules Verne Trophy record. After a month in the boatyard, the world’s largest racing trimaran was put back in the water and delivered to her home port of La Trinite sur Mer, Brittany, signalling the start of a new and exciting season for the whole team.

Racing on two continents

However, before the start of the ‘ultimate’ world record challenge, Yann Guichard will be competing in the 2017 World Match Racing Tour autumn events - the first in Chicago at the end of September, and the second, the World Championship event in Shenzhen in southern China. Guichard, who has competed in the Tour since 2016, will once again face the best international match racing teams in the discipline as they compete for the coveted title of Match Racing World Champion.

Ultimate preparation for the ultimate challenge

However, the main sports goal for Spindrift racing remains the race around the world, against the clock - the Jules Verne Trophy. In January 2017 Francis Joyon took a giant step in the history of sailing by setting a new record time of 40days and 23hours, making the word ‘challenge’ all the more pertinent. 

The team has spent the last few months fine tuning the giant trimaran in preparation for this great adventure, spending time to focus on the appendages, minimising weight and working on a multitude of small details that can quickly make a difference on a boat of this size. 

New tips to the foils (with fins now pointing upwards) and new T-rudders positioned further aft will help raise the bows. This combined action will significantly reduce the drag and increase speed gains in specific set-ups. A new lightweight mainsail has also been built to further maximise performance.

With an impressive new record to beat, Yann Guichard will also be reducing the number of crew (to be announced soon), but all the while taking care that fewer crew numbers does not impact the speed potential of this XXL trimaran. A series of final training sessions are planned for September and October before the start of stand-by in early November. 

However well prepared the boat and crew are ready for the challenge, in this race against the clock the ultimate judge will be the weather. Having the right weather conditions and the right transitions windows at critical moments on the course will rule whether or not everything will combines to achieve set a new record.

Spindrift racing programme:

September 2017: 
Sept. 7 – launch of Spindrift 2 
Technical navigation and offshore training sessions onboard Spindrift 2 
Jules Verne Trophy shore preparation 
Sept. 26 - Oct. 1 - WMRT Match Cup Chicago, USA 

October 2017: 
Offshore training sessions onboard Spindrift 2 
Jules Verne Trophy shore preparation 
24 to 29 Oct. - WMRT Match Cup Finals Shenzhen, China 
Confirmation of the round the world crew and launch of new Jules Verne Trophy website and cartography 

November 2017: 
Nov. 6 to 31 Jan: Standby period