Spindrift racing unveils its TF35 crew
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September 4, 2020

A few hours before the first training weekend on the new TF35 Trophy circuit, and the day following the flying catamaran’s launch, Spindrift racing announces its team.

The TF35 is a new generation catamaran equipped with foils, and is the successor of the famous D35, which was launched in 2004 by Swiss shipyard Décision.

Designed around its foils, the TF35 is both accessible and flying; a compromise made possible thanks to an on-board inertial navigation system. This technology makes it possible to electronically regulate the boat’s flight. With this new catamaran equipped with T-shaped appendages, the circuit enters a new era, certainly more aerial, but also faster and more spectacular, as the TF35 Spindrift racing has thus far achieved a maximum speed of 31.8 knots, or 59 km/h. With six sailors on board and a crew weight limit of 500 kg, it is among the most efficient and demanding boats around.

At the end of February, led by skipper Yann Guichard, the Spindrift racing team set out to sail on Europe’s largest saltwater lagoon, at Mar Menor in Spain, for a first handling of the TF35 'zero boat' which was made available by the class to the teams. For a week, the team familiarised themselves with this new flying boat, and took the opportunity to test several sailors in order to build its new crew.

Meanwhile, Spindrift racing’s TF35 was painted in the team’s black and gold colours before assembly at the team's base, located in St Philibert, in Morbihan, France.

Due to the health crisis and corresponding adjustment of the sporting calendar, the team adapted its preparation, by organising three two-week intensive training sessions aboard its flying catamaran, in Quiberon Bay.

As the TF35 is a one-design boat, the only difference in performance will come from the sailors, hence the importance of the composition of the crew and its preparation. The demanding level of the TF35 requires a careful blend of coordination during manoeuvres, as well as real dexterity at the helm. It is a crew of experienced sailors and young talents who arrived in Switzerland to participate in their first regatta aboard the TF35 Spindrift racing.

“I look forward to this season and to sail with this magnificent boat with a new crew, joined by Jacques and Xavier, my faithful teammates since the beginnings of Spindrift racing. We are also very happy to count on the arrival of three young sailors: Jules, Paul and Yann, to support us and push us to surpass ourselves! We can't wait to start the first fleet sailing this Friday!”, said Yann Guichard, Skipper, during the launch of the boat.

Yesterday, the crew took advantage of perfect weather conditions to sail in a friendly atmosphere in the presence of all the family members, followed by the launch on the shores of Lake Geneva, with Leana, Dona Bertarelli’s youngest daughter, as godmother.

This first event coincides with the start of the school year and the launch of a new dedicated site for Spindrift for Schools, the educational program developed by Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard with the aim of sharing their common passion for the ocean, sailing and the environment to younger generations.


The Spindrift racing crew list:
Yann Guichard – skipper
Yann Jauvin – tactician
Xavier Revil – Mainsail trimmer
Jacques Guichard –  head sail trimmer
Jules Bidegaray – number 1
Paul Dagault – Mainsail winch
Antoine Rucard – substitute

The TF35 Trophy 2020 circuit:
September 4 to 6: Club Nautique de Crans training weekend
October 9 to 11: Société Nautique de Genève training weekend


Based in St Philibert in Morbihan, Spindrift racing is a professional sailing team, founded by Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard in 2011. Today, two boats sail under the colours of the Franco-Swiss team - a trimaran, the maxi Spindrift 2; and a catamaran, the TF35 Spindrift racing.