• M32
July 3, 2016

Once again Marstrand is set to host the Match Racing World Championships, which will start next week in front of an expected crowd of in front of more than 130,000 spectators. This Swedish festival of sailing will celebrate the short, intense on-water duels between the 20 international teams that are competing in the circuit.
The stakes are high for the Spindrift racing team as this final event of the World Match Racing Tour marks the end of their first M32 season and the opportunity to win the coveted title of World Champion at the grand finale on Saturday, July 9.

A strong hand

To compete on this type of circuit for the first time Yann Guichard, skippering a close-knit team, has drawn upon his experience in multihulls and demonstrated an impressive mastery of the art against the leading sailors of the tour that include the likes of Taylor Canfield and Ian Williams. The black and gold team has managed to reach the top rankings on three occasions, with a third place in Fremantle (Australia) and two fourth-place finishes in Copenhagen (Denmark) and Newport (USA).
New life has been breathed into the event with the decision to replace the monohull with multihulls, which are a part of the DNA of the Spindrift racing team. The only French skipper invited onto the circuit Guichard will try, together with his team, to improve with each round of the event, in his quest for the world title.

Meeting public

Spindrift Immersion has made a base in the race village for this event. A bespoke designed space Spindrift Immersion introduces visitors to the team in an enjoyable  and and educational manner. Members of the team will be on hand to recount stories and bring to life the history of Spindrift through video,  photos and boat models. Conceived and created to put you in the shoes of the team for a few moments, Spindrift Immersion offers an Oculus 360° virtual reality experience, immersing the audience on the trimaran, Spindrift 2, the spectacular flying boat, the GC32 Spindrift, and the latest catamaran to join the family, the M32 Spindrift.

The space is open to the public every day from June 20 to July 9, from 10:00 to 19:00 in Marstrand.

Spindrift racing M32 results:
3rd place, Fremantle - Australia (World Match Racing Tour)
3rd place, Copenhagen - Denmark (M32 series)
4th place, Copenhagen - Denmark (World Match Racing Tour)
4th place, Newport - USA (World Match Racing Tour)


Monday 4th July
Fleet race
The 20 participating teams are divided into 4 groups of 5 boats

Tuesday 5th July
Fleet race
At the end of the first two days, the top 3 in each group qualify automatically to participate in the next stage. The boats ranked 4th and 5th in each group are separated by a match race. The first to 2 points qualifies.
At this stage, there are 16 boats still competing and the other 4 are eliminated from the competition.
Wednesday 6th July
The last 16

Thursday 7th July
Quarters Finals

Friday 8th July

Saturday 9th July
Semi-Final (2nd part)
Final and Petite-Final

To learn more about match racing and the format of the events:, click here : "A tactical duel fought in 5 steps"


March 2 to 7: Fremantle, Perth, Australia
May 9 to 14: Copenhagen, Denmark
May 30 to June 4: Newport, USA
July 4 to 9: Marstrand, Sweden, WMRT Final
M32 series:
May 5 to 7: Copenhagen Series
June 16 to 18: Gothenburg Serie
Spindrift M32 crew:
Yann Guichard, skipper-helm
Christophe Espagnon, mainsail
François Morvan, trimmer
Paul Dagault, bow