• M32
May 29, 2016

The Spindrift team has kept up an impressive pace in May, competing on three different boats (M32, GC32 and D35) on four different circuits (World Match Racing Tour, M32 series, GC32 Racing Tour and D35 Trophy). Yann Guichard and his crew have just spent three days at the first event of the GC32 Racing Tour on Lake Garda (Italy), where the weather conditions and the great names in sailing came together to put on a fantastic show on foils.

Now, Yann Guichard and his team are heading to Newport (USA), where 20 international teams will start the next round of the World Match Racing Tour tomorrow in the M32, before the final competition, the World Championship of Match Racing, in Marstrand (Sweden) at the beginning of July.


In their first participation in a stage of the World Tour and in the M32 Series, Spindrift’s black and gold team who had also never competed in this race format before, have not been spectators.  They finished twice on the podium: in Fremantle (Australia), on the WMRT, and in the M32 series in Copenhagen (Denmark).

In the Danish capital, Yann Guichard and his team were able to draw on their experience of multihulls, notably in beating the formidable Ian Williams (the UK six-time world champion) in the quarter-finals before narrowly losing, 3-2, to the eventual winner, Taylor Canfield (USA) in their semi-final. The World Tour remains wide open and the Spindrift team will arrive on the American continent to start the fleet races on Monday. Spindrift  will once again face the match-racing professionals and give everything they have to defend their place near the top of the rankings.

Spindrift racing M32 results:

3rd place, Fremantle - Australia (World Match Racing Tour)
3rd place, Copenhagen - Denmark (M32 series)
4th place, Copenhagen - Denmark (World Match Racing Tour)