René Parpette
Versatile technician

Born August 4th, 1956 in Reims
Lives in Auray, Brittany

Versatility is a skill that perfectly suits René Parpette, both in terms of his professional abilities and his personal journey. A carpenter and fellow of the French association of Devoirs du Tour de France, he has a very varied CV.  An excellent carpenter, he has also been a mechanic, a sailing instructor, he has delivered boats, piloted twin-engine planes, technician, sailor and worked for the FFV managing the Figaro and Diam 24 circuits. He satiates his curiosity by working across a range of different areas and by travelling the world.  He has satisfied his boundless curiosity by working in various fields and traveling around the world, however today, René has settled in Brittany and contributing his many technical skills to Spindrift racing, while still learning and further developing his range of skills.