• Maxi Spindrift 2
January 15, 2018
Yann Guichard and his crew arrived in Brest last night to start the Jules Verne Trophy. Despite a good though not ideal weather window, after two months on stand-by Spindrift racing has decided to take its chance and will leave the dock late this morning to be at the Créac'h lighthouse in the afternoon.
The team was planning to start a week ago, but the weather further down the course did not materialise as anticipated.  However, the area of depression that is currently sitting off the coast of Brittany has finally given the team the opportunity to start their challenge on the Jules Verne record. With strong conditions forecast for the start, the current files show the team reaching the equator in just over five days (5d 5h - 5d 10h), which will give them a cushion on the reference time set by Francis Joyon and his crew (5d 18h ​​59').
The team is aiming to catch an area of depression off the coast of Brazil to give them a quick crossing of the South Atlantic towards the Cape of Good Hope.
“We are now Code Green: the latest weather files confirm our departure from the pontoon around noon today, with a Jules Verne Trophy line crossing following quickly.  The 25-30 knot wind from west to north-west will strengthen as we cross the Bay of Biscay, and we are expecting big seas with five metre waves.  It looks like the first 12 hours will be hard going, but then the wind will soften off Cape Finisterre to more moderate trade winds, and we will be doing a lot of gybes towards the Canary Islands,” commented Yann Guichard as the last of the fresh food was taken onboard Spindrift 2.
The Jules Verne Trophy record has been held by IDEC Sport (Francis Joyon and his crew) since January 2017, with a time of 40 days 23 hours 30 minutes. During that challenge the team took 12 days 21 hours 22 minutes to reach the tip of South Africa, so improving this time is one of the first objectives of Yann Guichard and his eleven crew.


With a departure imminent later tonight, Spindrift racing has launched its website platform dedicated to following the record attempt with real-time cartography and an interactive dashboard: WWW.SPINDRIFT-RACING.COM/JULES-VERNE

This is where the adventure starts and ends. Discover the atmosphere of the departure along the coastline of the island of Ushant by meeting Thierry Leygnac. Thierry, a helicopter pilot based in Morbihan has been at many of the starts and finishes and gives his bird’s eye view of this iconic race. Click here


Spindrift Immersion will be the public control centre for the race, allowing visitors to follow the team and the attempt with the latest photos, videos and logbooks from onboard the boat. A route map will show weather and boat data all in real-time. Open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Get onboard Spindrift 2 through a series of 360° videos!

Developed for pupils aged between 6 to 15 years old, the Spindrift for Schools programme invites pupils to follow the Jules Verne Trophy attempt with an Adventure Book, themed lessons, downloadable maps and other engaging and educational tools. Sign up and join our global classroom!  www.spindriftforschools.com

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