Ladycat takes second place in Bol d'Or Mirabaud
  • Ladycat
June 17, 2017

The 79th edition of the Bol d’Or Mirabaud was to be a match race from start to finish. Ladycat powered by Spindrift racing and Alinghi were neck-and-neck throughout the race fighting to the bitter end to secure lead and be crowned winner of the coveted event.

After just over five hours of racing in very tough conditions, the black and gold team, defending its 2016 title, crossed the finish line just one minute and 34 seconds behind the race winners D35 Alinghi. It was a great performance for Dona Bertarelli’s team, already three-time winners of the event.

At 1000h (local time) the 560-boat fleet started the 79th edition of the Bol d’Or Mirabaud in a steady Bise and under a brilliant Geneva sun.

The steady winds of between 16-22 knots did not give any respite to the teams. Ladycat powered by Spindrift racing managed to secure pole position as she left the small lake having swapped the lead with the front runners. At Lausanne, the wind veered from the north north east to the west causing Spindrift to tack and allowing Alinghi to gain on the gold and black catamaran, but it was not enough to stop the Spindrift team from keeping its lead position at the halfway point and being seven seconds ahead of Le Bouveret. Shortly after this mark, Alinghi managed to take the lead. Ladycat’s main aim was to reduce the distance and look to pass them again in the small lake. In anticipation of a more stable wind, the black and gold catamaran chose a small gennaker to achieve some gains in speed. But the wind conditions did not develop as expected. Ladycat managed to claw back some distance but Alinghi resisted all assaults and was the eventual winner.

Dona Bertarelli skipper of Ladycat has returned to the race with an exhilarating finish. "We sailed really well from start to finish. We led the race at the exit of the small lake and were in match race mode with Alinghi. We were head to head and increased the distance on the rest of the fleet and that is what we wanted! We decided to only take part in two races this year with Ladycat, so we are very happy and we were not too disappointed finish just 500 meters from the eventual winners! We will come back again next year and we will try to achieve the challenge of the Bol d'Or – to win the event three times in five years. I congratulate the Alinghi team on winning this edition and dominating this year’s D35 season.”


Ladycat powered by Spindrift racing crew for Bol d’Or Mirabaud :

Dona Bertarelli, skipper
Yann Guichard 
Xavier Revil
Erwan Israël 
Christophe Espagnon
Jacques Guichard 
Antoine Carraz

Nicolas Debordes : boat captain

Ranking of the M1 on the Bol d'Or Mirabaud:

1. Alinghi1 - 05:11:00 (Décision 35)
2. Ladycat powered by Spindrift racing - 05:12:34 (M1)
3. Real Team - 05:19:23 (GC32)
4. Zen Too - 05:22:49 (Décision 35)
5. Okalys - 05:23:54 (Décision 35)
6. Mobimo - 05:24:55 (Décision 35)
7. Racing Django - 05:27:28 (Décision 35)
8. Ylliam Comptoir Immobilier - 05:28:38 (Décision 35)
9. Swisscom - 05:28:47 (Décision 35)
10. Safram - 05:34:03 (Ventilo M1)
11. Phaedo2 - 05:42:50 (Décision 35)
12. Realteam - 05:51:34 (Décision 35)
13. Section 16 - 05:53:25 (Marstroem 32)
14. Force Cash - 06:55:36 (Derogation Art-8)