Perfect score for Spindrift racing ahead of World Championship
  • M32
October 15, 2017
Yann Guichard and his crew set out to use the World Match Racing Tour’s Alicante Match Cup as an opportunity for some competitive training ahead the main event in the WMRT season, the World Championship in China next week.  The Alicante Match Cup, billed as a showcase event for the M32 world match racing circuit, did not disappoint with Spindrift racing winning all fifteen of their races, closing the event with a perfect score card.
Six straight wins in the fleet racing were followed by the clinical 3-0 dispatch of fellow Frenchman Quentin Delapierre in the Quarter Finals.  Another three top podium positions in the semifinals against Jonas Warrer followed, before facing Pieter Jan Postma in the final, dispatching the Dutchman 3-0.
Guichard, with his crew of Christophe Espagnon, Francois Morvan and Sam Goodchild, were keen to underline that their main objective had been to use this event for training ahead of the World Championship final in China, which is the climax of a competitive match racing season in the M32 catamaran.  
The Match Racing World Championship will be held in Shenzhen, China from 24-29 October. 
“While not a World Championship event, the Alicante Match Cup was a qualifying event for next year’s circuit, but importantly for us, it was a good opportunity for to do some competitive training in advance of the World Championship final next week.”.
“We came to Alicante to work on our starts, and we have made some good progress by being more aggressive and less defensive in this critical part of the race.   I am very happy that we took part, and to have come away with an overall win, is really positive.  This now gives us the confidence boost to face the best of the World Match Racing Tour in China for the grande finale." - Yann Guichard