A race win and a podium finish in Sunday’s Open de Versoix
  • Ladycat
May 24, 2015

The North wind that blew all week in Switzerland finally died down on Sunday, much to the joy of the Open de Versoix crews. They spent the whole of Saturday moored up because the wind was too strong on the race course. Today, however, they made up for lost time, with as many as six races held in absolutely perfect conditions. With wind speeds reaching 15 knots at midday, the sails were reefed in under the Swiss sun, but for the final races of the day, the wind fell to 10 knots and eased further, enabling the sailors to raise the mainsails.

Ladycat powered by Spindrift racing was first across the start line in the day’s opening race, and secured a key victory. Dona Bertarelli fought at the front of the pack in the other races, landing a podium finish in the sixth race. It has been a consistent start to the season for her. In the Open de Versoix she repeated the fourth-place finish she achieved in the Grand Prix d’Ouverture in Geneva. This consistency is vital, since the championship will be decided by only a handful of points at the end of the season.

Team Tilt repeated their win in the first event of the D35 Trophy 2015, proving they are consistent whatever the conditions. Realstream improved on their seventh place in Geneva, finishing second on this exhilarating day of racing, while Alinghi pipped Spindrift racing to the third step of the podium by a single point.

The D35s will next compete on June 6th, in the famous Geneva-Rolle-Geneva.

D35 Trophy – Open de Versoix 1 results
1. Team Tilt – 7 points
2. Realteam – 15 points
3. Alinghi – 16 points
4. Ladycat powered by Spindrift racing – 19 points
5. Okalys – 21 points
6. Zen Too – 28 points
7. Mobimo – 31 points
8. Veltigroup-Swisscom – 32 points
9. Racing Django – 35 points
10. Oryx – 51 points
11. Ylliam Comptoir Immobilier – 53 points

Ladycat powered by Spindrift racing crew
Dona Bertarelli, skipper/helmsman
Yann Guichard, tactician
Xavier Revil, mainsail
François Morvan, trimmer
Jacques Guichard, trimmer
Christophe Espagnon, bowman
Nicolas Débordes, préparateur

2015 | D35 Trophy
May 8th-10th – Grand Prix d’Ouverture – SNG
May 23rd-24th – Open de Versoix – CNV
June 6th – Genève-Rolle-Genève – YCG
June 5th and 7th – Open de Versoix – CNV
June 13th – Bol d’Or Mirabaud – SNG
September 5th-6th – Grand Prix Comptoir Immobilier – YCG
September 12th-13th – Open de Crans – CNC
September 25th-26th – Grand Prix de Clôture – SNG