Spindrift leave Russian event at quarter final stage
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August 5, 2017

On the fifth day of racing of the Match Cup Russia, Spindrift racing faced the Australian Sam Gilmour in the quarter finals losing 3-1 in a series of competitive bouts.

Yann Guichard and his three crew had a promising start to today's racing, having finished top of their group after eight races in the preceding days, and therefore assuring themselves of a place amongst the final eight teams.

The weather has not been kind to the organisers, forcing course changes due to a mixture of strong winds, currents and rain throughout the week. But that did not stop  the matchracers offering the public an impressive show.

After winning 2-0 against Lukasz Wosinski in the Super 16, Yann Guichard then faced Australian Sam Gilmour in the quarter finals.  

Making a good start was to be the key factor of each match. Not winning this crucial part meant that it was almost impossible to take back the advantage given the wind direction and course.

Spindrift racing started racing with a psychological upper hand over the Australian team, having beaten them in Fremantle and Marstrand earlier in the series.  But this time Gilmour was to be the victor, winning the races 3-1, and bringing to a close this Russian leg of the series for Spindrift.

"The course was quite small with obligatory marks on the course, as a result you had to win the starts to be able to control the racing.  We did not win enough to be able to pass, so we will work on this area now before our next event in the US in September", commented Yann Guichard.


Tuesday 1 August - Qualifying Round
Wednesday 2 August - Qualifying Round 
Thursday 3 August - Knock out and Super 16 Round
Friday 4 August - Super 16 Round
Saturday 5 August -  Quarter Finals and start of Semi Finals
Sunday 6 August - Semi Finals / Finals / Petit Finale

The racing format may change according to weather conditions and organization.


Yann Guichard – Helm/Skipper
Christophe Espagnon – Mainsail
François Morvan – Trimmer
Sam Goodchild – BOW


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8th, Perth – Match Cup Australia (World Match Racing Tour)