• Maxi Spindrift 2
July 18, 2016

Video Day 5

On board blog from Dona Bertarelli
17th July
20:45 GMT

The fog has followed us all the way across the Atlantic - at times it seemed that the sun was not far away, but it is a false hope and the mist does not ever go and we are enveloped by a decidedly woolly and wet landscape.

Our downwind run will soon be over as in the next 15 hours we will be sailing upwind along the Irish coast.  We have been on a nice straight starboard tack since we left Percé Rock in Canada and this has been the ideal conditions to test our new-look redesigned foil, the same one that was damaged in the Indian Ocean on the Jules Verne Trophy.

The watch system ticks on and life onboard is like a well-oiled machine.  The atmosphere is one of concentration but it is good and the new recruits have adapted quickly.  The capsize of our friends on Oman Sail worried us all, but it was good hear in in the middle of the day that the crew were all OK and that they had been rescued by a cargo ship.

We are now 290 miles behind the leading three Multi 50s, who started three days before us.  However, to claim line honours in the Quebec-St Malo, we will have to pass them. But for the moment we are not there and everyday we continue to work hard to keep Spindrift 2 moving forward.

Our next goal is the Fastnet Rock, which we think we will reach on Monday afternoon.  Maybe the weather will clear and we will get the chance to see this mythical rock.


There is ridge of high pressure lying ahead of Spindrift 2, that we will have to pass through as we sail along the Irish coast this afternoon.  
So we will be making a few tacks to get more of the east-sour-easterly winds and, hopefully, see the return of the sun. It looks like the wind will eventually strengthen to 15-18knots as we approach the Scilly Isles.


Speed: 20.9 kts
DTF: 456.9 nm
Speed (last four hours): 23 kts
Cap: 70°